Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piece of a series on family, December 2009

These were taken during the Christmas season in 2009. It is part of what will be an ongoing series of my family. Documenting so to speak. Or maybe it is all for my own processing. Not sure anymore. Family can comprise so much of what we call our "identity". Ever think about that? Who are you anyway? Just a question.

Cousins Reid and Magnus.

Cousin Heidi

Mother Sue

Cousin Randy

Uncle Jack

Aunt Abby

Cousin Shepard

Cousin Zach

Cousin Grayson

Cousin Franchesca

Father Jerry

Cousin Matthew

Uncle Bob

Cousin Brooke

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wiping The Slate Clean 2008-2010


I have not posted here for quite some time. However, I am feeling more energy to start the blog back up. I have so many pictures backed up that I have been a bit discouraged about posting new material. So, this post is all the noteworthy edits from the last year or so (I think). I am cleaning photo house. Very few of these have left the confines of my hard drive until now. I hope that you enjoy. They span from my time in Austin during the 2008-2009 school year to the present.

I know there are way too many. Thanks again.

Pssst...there is a prize if you make it to the bottom of the post. :)

Thank you~!~

Much Love to all you out there in internet land.


Nicholas Pippins

Young cousins at Christmas time.

Trip to Mount Magazine in the winter.

Breezy at a Barefoot session.

Head shot session with Helen Davey.

Smoke pictures. Tried to put these on a Stock photo site. They didn't want them :( But I think they are so freakin' sweet looking.

Water droplet. Another unsuccessful try at a stock pic.

Candle stock photo. Didn't get taken either. Going to keep trying. :)

Baby cuz...so presh.

Flores en Tejas.

Merry & Thomas' wedding at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs AR.

Maybe my favorite portrait of the year. It is from a session with Anna and Thomas Dickinson.

Random. Thought is was kinda cool.

Miscellaneous medium format photographs from my year at Austin Montessori School.

Made this montage this year when I was feeling a bit dark. Can you tell? It made me feel better.

If you made it this far thank you! If you see me around town you just tell me and will give you a big fat hug. Thank you!!

You guys rock. Thanks you as always for visit this site.