Friday, July 18, 2008


Hey everybody,

Thank you as always for traveling to this page. I have been a little backed up on the picture front and have many things to show you. I hope you enjoy them.

The other week I was lucky enough to go to one of the best and most moving concerts I have been to in a long time. It was just incredible. I wish you all could have been there, and if you ever go to San Miguel please look this group up. The name is Gil + Cartas. And they play with Doc Severinsen. The website is and you should all buy CD's.

Gil and Cartas

I wish I had a sound clip because the live show is completely amazing. I actually almost left to table because I was becoming rather emotional after a couple glasses of wine. Absolutely beautiful. The violinist and the guitarist are the epitome of virtuoso and have been playing together since 1973. It is truly amazing that this caliber of experience can just fall into your lap.

If you would like to see a more extensive gallery it can be found on my flickr page.

Nicholas Pippins @ Flickr

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