Thursday, March 26, 2009


These totally awesome images, I took the other day. This family had all recently become black belts in karate. The mother wanted some pictures to commemorate the passing of this event. It was really fun. There were people all over this park. Guys on skate boards riding through our shot, girls with kites in the shot. Windy as it could be, and still take pictures. My light stands were falling over. Luckily Zach was there to catch them. Actually my sb 800 took a fall all the way down from the 6ft light stand. Rough. Has happened before. Love you Nikon. Anyway, here is the set-up:

sb 800 camera left. Sb 600 camera right. Zach on guard. Me a little bit down the hill so I am level with the subject on the bench.

High Speed Sync Flash on manual, full to 1/2 power, group A. Ambient exposure 2-3 stops down from the metered exposure. Add the light with flash. Commander mode. Nikkor 24-120mm. Love you Nikon Creative Lighting System.


And Zach.....Whats up?

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