Saturday, June 14, 2008

Influence of Mexico

There is a beautiful park on the rich side of town in San Miguel, where there is a high concentration of million dollar homes.  Which was weird for me.  Million dollar homes in Mexico?  I suppose I should have known, especially in San Miguel.  There are a lot of very affluent poeple here and many more moving here.  So there are these artists who sell their art in this park every Saturday and Sunday.  It's just beautiful.   And the prices are good. 
So I had just looked at all this colorful mexican art before I took this picture.  When I got home and edited it I think I had this mexican sensibility to make everything too bright and colorful for anyones tastes, except mexicans I suppose.  So this may be the first in a series of color popin HDR shots of the city....ALL BEWARE.  Nick has been bitten by the Mexican.

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