Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Saturday I came by this amazing sight. I just love it here. You should all come sometime or another. At least to central Mexico. Central Mexico is rich with history of the indigenous peoples, the Christian evangelization (if that is a word) of those peoples, as well as the Mexican cause for independence.

So I just came upon this troupe of dancers participating in a traditional Aztec dance and ceremony. When I say I came upon them I really mean you could hear the drums and dancing from about 5 blocks away and I just happened to have my camera. It was beautiful. I wish I had a digital sound recorder so I could play a sound clip for you all. The dance was fast, colorful, complicated and beautiful. All ages participated in this dance, and it went on for more than an hour. Although it seemed that the women presided over the ceremony. I have concentrated on the costumes that were the most elaborate because they were the most attractive to my photographic eye. I will upload a more extensive gallery onto my flickr account soon if you would like to see more.

Thank you all for looking.

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