Saturday, January 31, 2009

Civil War K.I.A. Reenactment in Arkansas, Faulner County

I edited these pictures the other night. I have not looked at them in quite a while. I have been going through some older film stuff and doing some digital edits. It is also nice to look back at what I was creating a couple years ago. These were taken with some college friends of mine (Sean Harla, Nicholas Cantell, and Kingsley Coppinger). Sean Harla (Union officer uniform) is a huge Civil War buff. He has an extensive knowledge of Arkansas Civil War history. He also owns a lot of period gear and participates in reenactments. They dressed up and we did some KIA (killed in action) scenes. It was common for soldiers to loot the supplies and gear of the opposing casualties. A macabre scene. There are two confederate soldiers and one union officer, and we placed them in different combination along this theme. We tried to stay true to a historical frame. I hope you think these are interesting.

Thank you for looking!

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