Sunday, February 1, 2009

random pictures from the last two week

My cousin Zach Brooks has been living with me and my family for the last several months. He is wonderful to have around. He is 22, really funny and good looking. He is also very single. Ladies? Looking for a handsome, funny man?

Brock! One of my very closest friends, Tanner Autrey has recently taken in an English Bulldog named Brock. He is totally awesome! He burps and farts and make all kinds of crazy noises. Snores like your grandfather and smells like your little brother. Also he is very smart.

I went to Westcave Preserve again the other weekend with my beloved Margaret Hobbs. It was still green! Still beautiful in the winter. I love Texas! Westcave is such a beautiful place. The men who run the preserve say it is the prettiest place in Texas. A beautiful slice of the hill country off of the Pedervnales River. It is also right down the road from Hamilton Pool. Both of these places you should go to if you are every in the Austin area. Hamilton pool is a large grotto with a huge waterfall. It was formed during the same period and in the same way as the grotto at Westcave Preserve. However you can swim there! It is amazing. I will be going this spring after we get some rain. I am sure you will get some pictures. Thank you for looking.

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