Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Austin Reggae Festival, The Skatalites!!

I have not been to this festival in probably 6 years. It used to cost two cans of food. It benefits the Austin Capital Area Food Bank. Now it is fifteen dollars, and food is appreciated. How expensive Austin is getting!

Ms. Zoey Brooks!!

Ezekiel Zacharia Brooks

Notice the crack, and FOUR hula hoops. That means he is a hula hippy to the forth power!

Notice it again...

The Skatalites!!! ,

They were great.

They could really break it down. Even if two of them are like eighty. It is awesome.

The Ska Thrust

I think he might be looking at me in this one.




They definitely did not have a jumbo tron at the Reggae festival last time I went. Or the cranes and condos buildings in the skyline.

Condos...And the end of a great day!

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