Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fotos de Los Calles de Oaxaca

I am learning more and more about the teacher protests and other group protests that have been happening in Oaxaca for the last 28 years. I am also learning more of the indigenous peoples of this region and the pueblos they live in. The most famous and instrumental protests occurred in 2006.

There is graffiti all over the city of Oaxaca. Most of the graffiti is in reference to political groups, and the ongoing protests. There are many references to APPO. There are many calls to fight against capitalism. As well as many calls to free political prisoners. Some of the graffiti in these pictures has already been scrubbed of the walls of churches and municipal buildings. I think it is on going process.

I also found a Chevy Nova in Oaxaca. For those of you who do not know, "no va" means no go, or doesn't go. It seems to be a kind of marketing legend that this car sold poorly in Spanish speaking countries because of the name. I have found that this is apparently false after reading some internet articles. I also put a little vintage flair on this photograph in PS due to the timing of this story.

Enjoy. Thank you!!

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