Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Images From The Last Week in Oaxaca

Iohan and Donaji. The oldest and youngest children of the family I am living with. They are both really nice. Also, extremely sweet to each other. I think we forget how wonderful our siblings are. I sure am thankful for mine more recently.

Rosaries made from ceramic "Barro Negro". The area near Oaxaca is famous for this pottery. Is it very beautiful, and worth the trip to the pueblo were it is made. This art is traditionally made in San Bartolo Coyotepec, it is a very nice and tranquil place, compared to Oaxaca. The church there is also very nice looking. However, it was closed while I was there, and I could not go on the grounds.

Some sandals out in the Campo

The flowers in the rainy season here are very beautiful. The wild flowers are still a little far and few. This only makes them more beautiful.

A forgotten shoe in the road near my families home outside the city.

Me, in the forest!!

My friend Donald. I had the pleasure of running around with Donald for two weeks. He has now left Oaxaca for his land in Michoacan. He is an Austin native, an alum, and retired employee of UT.

Thank you as always for stopping by and taking a look!


Chris said...

Fantastic photos, as always.

I especially love the rosaries (and that's coming from a composition standpoint, not a religious one).

I barely recognize you though! If we passed in the street, I'd have no idea that we knew each other in college! Weird!

Keep posting. I'm sure your friends don't comment enough, but we are watching!

Sean Hagwell said...

Love your stills. What are you shooting with?


Thank you! I am shooting with a Nikon D3oo. I think most of these were also shot with a 28mm manual focus E series Nikkor from back in the day. (cerca 1978?) If you want a good old lens. Go E series . They kick butt!


Thank you Chris. I hope you are well.