Tuesday, June 16, 2009

El Primero Post de Mexico

Ohh Yeeaaahhhh!!!

A few night time shots. The first I have done in quite a while. There is really something about slowing down and paying the attention to an exposure that is over ten seconds. The longest ten seconds of your life. Waiting for that click of the shutter and mirror.

The moon was almost full. The sky was clear. The perfect conditions for a few long night shots. As well as a great night for a few tequila shots. Also a good thing about those long exposures. You can do something else!

I really love Mexico. These were taken near Playa Del Carmen. I am now in Oaxaca taking classes for Spanish. A great summer. However, it is very often difficult to be away from family and friends. These journeys are for healing, but man they hurt sometimes. I love you all!!

Thank you for reading and looking.

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